Thursday, October 28, 2004:

I think I see the light

Cat Stevens -- I Think I See the Light
Track today from that notorious singer/songwriter/humanitarian Yusuf Islam, whose peace activism so alarmed the United States they had him deported. (To be fair, the U.S. claimed he contributed money to charities which contributed to Hamas, which isn't the sunshiniest group around; but, to be logical, W. and Osama have a similar relationship; and Bush's pop and Noriega did as well, so why is the administration pretending outrage?)

This song is from Harold and Maude, in the scene where Harold is in bed blowing bubbles. Quite the change from his previous hobbies--all macabre failed attempts to get his mother's attention.


non-partisan political message follows:
Everyone in the U.S., please be aware that you can vote early, and please do vote. And, if you're in California, please know that you have the right to vote on a paper ballot. Spread the word.

I am very skeptical of e-voting machines: you get a paper record even for buying a Coca-Cola at the gas station, so why should your voice in your own government be any different? Is it less important?

Representative democracy hinges on accountability and transparency, and with no paper record, there's no possibility of a recount. So please do vote and please do request a paper ballot. If you've got one of these confounded e-voting machines in your area, you should take it up with your elections supervisor: the purpose of HAVA was to get away from things like hanging chads; that can be accomplished as easily with an optical scan machine (they work as expected and leave a paper record that can be recounted if need be. So they are, IMO, a thoroughly superior solution--the voice of the people being important and all). There have already been numerous reports of e-voting ballots being "lost," of people pressing the box for one candidate and a check-mark appearing for the other, of the machines crashing.... Please, please, regardless of whom you're voting for, vote on paper.
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