Sunday, October 24, 2004:

She Said

Pharcyde -- She Said
Pharcyde came out of L.A. in the early 90s, when N.W.A. and Ice Cube were already big and ahistorical white politicians were going off about violence in gangsta rap (Someone should do a hip hop remix of "Folsom Prison Blues" or "A Boy Named Sue"; those songs are tough.) Anyway, Pharcyde weren't thugged out; they were about having fun, smoking out, and failing to score, in about that order. A lot of the first album is whimsical and upbeat, but it's got a few bruised songs on it (esp. "Otha Fish" and "Passing Me By," both about women that won't give them the time of day). "Passing Me By" is probably their best (and best-known) song, immediately recognizable by that organ sample from an out-of-print Quincy Jones track.

Their second (Labcabincalifornia) was more serious, even depressed. By this time they'd had a gold album and toured with Lollapalooza, in 1994, but their lifestyles and their luck apparently hadn't changed.

This track is off Labcabincalifornia, before FatLip left for a solo career (and long before their last album, when Slimkid had left too, and it was just Imani and Booty Brown).


I thought of posting "Pandemonium" instead but I really can't recommend buying the Street Fighter soundtrack. ^_^ And the movie? van Damme ... Raul Julia ... Kylie Minogue? It's on the IMDb bottom 100, and I don't doubt that it belongs there, but I'm oddly tempted to see it.


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