Saturday, October 23, 2004:

Wild Wood

Paul Weller -- Wildwood (Portishead Remix)
Tune today from Briton Paul Weller, formerly of The Jam and The Style Council. Those of you who are familiar with his career (punk, pop, jazz, house) won't be much surprised by this one: a Portishead remix of the acoustic title track to his second solo album. You can hear the Portishead touch, but barely--there's no theremin, no burning sense of doom; the track is catchy but very chill. It makes for a nice closer to a mix CD.

Official site (bells, whistles, and gongs.) It does have some samples, though you can't play them in the background and navigate anywhere else.
[The Trip Hop Test, Vol. 1] (allmusic gives it 5/5; the two amazon reviewers give it 2.5/5)
[Special Brew] (amazon users give it 5/5; allmusic 4/5)


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Thanks for the inspiration, I know it must feel great to know that someone IS actually reading your blog and likes what you do. :]

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