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China -- Time
Forgive the posting schedule. Class is kicking me around a bit--or, rather, I'm kicking myself around a bit. I'm starting to think there should be more weedout classes, or that any given program should have some cranky old bastard like in Kill Bill vol. 2, only you'd have to go to the mountaintop and answer the question "how bad do you want it?" A lie would get a sharp crack on the skull, and so would anything less than "with all my heart," and sometimes that would too. That would be just to get in the program. You'd have to do it again for every class.

How bad do I want this degree? Well, it would be nice. Currently I've got the Pillow of +8 Drowsiness. My bed's going to eat me, only it won't be like in that one Nightmare on Elm Street; I'll just simply be gone. Maybe with my Castells book left behind, as that book's mostly indigestible anyway. The detectives will glance through it briefly, looking for some kind of note, skimming through the marginalia: check marks, asterisks, counterarguments.

So here's a song about being disorganized and having your life in a mess. It's by China Moses, who goes by the google-proof name China. She was raised in France, is the daugher of jazz vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater, and sings on this track in English and French.

This is off the Putumayo disc Global Soul--they piqued my interest with Mississippi Blues, and this is another good one (though I'd be interested in a boxed set of global R&B and hip-hop--maybe Moebius Rex and Benn loxo du tàccu could compile one).

The liner notes aren't bad, though I would disagree with their classification of 1 Giant Leap as a band--it was the title of a documentary featuring collaborative international music and interviews about a number of big subjects (sex, death, religion, etc.) but I don't think the musicians ever formalized into a band. The Speech/Neneh Cherry track is from that film.

Each artist in this disc gets a page writeup and a photo--that's good to start with, I guess, though it hasn't yet been enough to track down a CD from some of the artists. And I'm still looking for more music from Sanjay Kumar Verma (Indian classical guitarist) and Revetti Sakalar (vocalist) as a result of seeing them on 1 Giant Leap. Anyone with tips, please share.

update: July 15, 2005: I've gotten a comment from China Moses, but Haloscan continually eats the comments, so I'm adding the substance of it here: China Moses has a website here; she also has a myspace account under "china moses" or "mllemoses." And I'm delighted she was not unhappy with the post.


well its not "revetti sakalar" ok
its Revati Sakalkar
maybe 1 G L guys got it wrong
well she's this g8t singer 4m Varanasi
she has made a few albums but they r mostly available in india only.
on the international stage i guess 1 G L is all that she's done

Thanks for the info. I couldn't find any information on her under the other spelling, but I'll keep it in mind in future searches. So far her music hasn't been so easy to find.

I have some devotional music by sakalkar & shastri.
Their "mahishasura mardini" version is fantastic.

Hi everybody,
I've been looking for her music since falling in love with her part on 1GL, can anyone steer me in the right direction? Much appreciate this space to connect.

Hi everyone,

this is Revati Sakalkar... you can write to me on my e-mail id for any further information that you want about my music and work...


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