Friday, October 22, 2004:

Sheila Chandra

Sheila Chandra -- Missing the Voice
Occasionally I notice discussions about the "timelessness" of music, which leads me to think that "dated" is often used as a criticism, but I'm not sure I agree that it should be. You know 1950s teenybopper-rock when you hear it, and it evokes a certain nostalgia (mostly because of a belief in a 1950s world that never existed outside of sitcoms--but that's a different matter entirely).

Here's something emphatically "dated," but I love it for what it is: a bit of mid-1980s Indian synth-pop. I dig the fake drums, the sitar, the unbridled energy, the overdubbed vocals. That woman can sing.

Sheila Chandra is an Indian raised in the UK, and formerly of the London trio Monsoon. She left her label once it became clear they were more interested in her looks than her talent; she and her two band members set up their own label, Indipop, and then they produced and released her solo debut. Her early work on Indipop focuses on a dance/pop/Indian fusion (like her work just before with Monsoon); her later work on Real World is still fusion but drones a bit. Allmusic favors her Real World work; and, though I think the Real World label does have an excellent track record, I favor her work on Indipop. I prefer the vocal range she shows on it, and think the arrangements are more dynamic and immediately accessible--but, as always, ymmv.

This song is from Chandra's solo debut, Out on My Own.
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Saw Shaun of the Dead tonight, which was clever and amusing and worked quite well when it was on the tightrope between horror and comedy. Loved the use of music throughout, starting with the synchronization in the credit montage, but for $25 I'll skip out on the soundtrack until it has U.S. distribution. There are definitely some post-worthy tracks on it.


Some mp3blogs focus on a certain genre ... is it clear from the writeups here what's being offered any given day? Are there any genres you'd rather avoid? Would you like the posts labeled by genre?

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