Wednesday, October 20, 2004:

web help?

Hello, any CSS whizzes out there? I hacked this template into what you see here, but the problem is that what you see here might not be what I see here. Firefox and Mozilla display the page one way; IE another. I didn't know this until recently, as I avoid IE because I think it's buggy and insecure. But about half of the visitors here are using it. (If you're not being forced to use it at work, could I suggest trying Mozilla or Firefox? They have tabbed browsing and per-site cookie permissions [e.g. always refuse from doubleclick, always accept from IMDb]; they block popups; they have any number of useful extensions.)

I've tried a number of things to get IE to display the page like Mozilla. Here's the closest I got. Which caused this in Mozilla. So: I'm missing something here.

What's the cause of this? Which browser is at fault? Is it possible to configure this page in such a way that most browsers (especially Moz and IE, but also Safari, Camino, and linux browsers) display it the same way (dividing line at the same point, same amount of space between items in a list)?
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