Sunday, July 17, 2005:

Group Sounds

Group Sounds

Group Sounds -- Gingerbread Man
Group Sounds -- Things Fall Apart
Group Sounds is a punk/rock/dance group from New York City who put enough energy in each song to power a city block. It's infectious and fun and a real challenge to put it on and not jump up and dance; I had trouble deciding which songs to post.

"Things Fall Apart" has nothing to do with Chinua Achebe, colonialism, or, for that matter, The Roots. It's a quick story of a failed relationship, too busy rocking out to sit around moping.

"Gingerbread Man" is a live acoustic track with a sort of rockabilly-ish solo on it; it sounds like it was recorded in a small club. Group Sounds sold out the Bowery in NYC so I wonder how many small clubs they've been playing lately. Maybe they're catching on. In any case this is a good song.

Group Sounds have more mp3s for download at their site; you should go check out "People on the Left" and also poke around a bit. There's plenty to like. Starting August 17th the group will be playing at a NYC bar called Piano's on every Wednesday; I'm sure they put on a good show.
Group Sounds' homepage

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