Friday, July 15, 2005:

more Nusrat

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan -- Allah Hoo Allah Hoo (from Devotional and Love Songs) (8 minute track, 8.3 MB download)
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan -- Kali Kali Zulfon Ke Phande Nah Dalo (from Shahen-Shah) (this is an 11+ minute track, 12MB download)
It's hard to know whether to run with this, since yesterday's post didn't get any comments. But, uh, here it is. I love this man's music.

"Kali Kali Zulfon Ke Phande Nah Dalo" is another romantic song, talking about love and the woman's beauty. This track is in no hurry, and I love it. I find it oddly hypnotic, like much of Khan's work; the phrases repeat and repeat, the song building slowly and becoming more intense. It's got the typical scat sections in it; the melody is infectious; and for some reason I'm quite fond of the false start and the little hiccup there where they seem to decide, that quick, to start over.

"Allah Hoo Allah Hoo" is a song in praise of Allah; Khan's concerts would typically start with a song in praise of Allah, followed by one about Mohammad, and branch out from there. This is another of Khan's more traditional songs; in interviews, he lists it as his favorite of his own work.

... I saw the Whirling Dervishes when they came through Gainesville some months back; it was a very interesting show. I think there's just something endlessly fascinating about the notion that a devotion to art--whether dance, or music, or any its other forms--could lead to spiritual enlightenment. Like the edict to study the sciences as a means of praising God by coming to know his creation better, I think the notion of art as a path to enlightenment is at odds with many of the fundamentalist Christian beliefs I was raised with (Nazarene, if you're curious--think Southern Baptist, then imagine that that is simply too liberal for you).

At any rate, thus ends my Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan posts. Next up: some kickin' indie rock.
[]: Shahen-Shah
[]: Devotional and Love Songs


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