Tuesday, July 12, 2005:

Sugar Babe, I'm Leavin'

Blue Steele And His Orchestra -- Sugar Babe, I'm Leavin'
Early jazz here, with horns oomphing along and one of those vocal melodies that seems wonderfully dated. It's a giddy little track about leaving a bad relationship: "don't you think I'm grieving 'cause you treated me wrong / you thought I'd be crying, not singing a song."

I don't remember where I found this track, but the mastering is far from, uh, masterful (check the drums in the back: they fell out almost entirely). There is a Blue Steele CD in print, but it got such an emphatically negative review at Amazon.com that I'll just mention that it exists and "caveat emptor." That might be where this one came from; I found the track on the internet some time last year and didn't listen to it before last week. I'd thought it was at archive.org, but it's not in their database.
[Amazon.com]: Texas & Tennessee Territory Bands: 1928-1931

And so ends the 'sweet' mix.

This delay in posting was brought to you by Hurricane Dennis. Was off visiting family in the panhandle and it became a poor time for it. By most accounts this one was a kitten for the Florida panhandle compared to Hurricane Ivan, though it still caused some destruction and claimed some lives.

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