Monday, July 04, 2005:

Sugar on My Tongue

Talking Heads -- Sugar on My Tongue
Here's a tightly-wound number with quirky lyrics, the hallmark of early Talking Heads, before they found polyrhythms and a looser funk. I'd not heard this song for a long time, as I skipped out on Sand in the Vaseline in favor of most of the Heads' albums (Speaking in Tongues, More Songs about Buildings and Food, '77, Fear of Music, Remain in Light--all brilliant). What I like about this song is that it seems joyful and terribly uncomfortable at the same time, even neurotically so.

Sand in the Vaseline first had it; the Once in a Lifetime box set does as well, if you're feeling more adventurous. ... Really, though, I think most of the Talking Heads CDs are solid enough that they should just release a stand-alone disc of outtakes and alternate versions.


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