Monday, May 23, 2005:

k-os and Supersystem

Supersystem -- Everybody Sings
k-os -- Crabbuckit

I got this email from Touch and Go / Quarterstick advertising some new songs (one from !!! and embedded in an e-card, which I didn't arse myself with visiting, and the other linked below). It's a little more, er, danceable than most of what I post here, very radio-friendly, but that's okay. It is, most importantly, good.

And then, also on the joie de vivre tip, there's this from independent hip hop/R&B artist k-os. Yes, I missed the train on this one. You might remember him from Said the Gramophone's post in September 2004; and I'm sure Sean writes about him better than I do; and then We Eat So Many Shrimp knocked on him but their Google cache always forwards to the current page so I'll skip the linkage there.

At any rate, I like the bass line, the claps are hopping, the sax tears it up, the piano gives that je ne sais quoi. It is fun, and fun is good. (Yes, the song just ends suddenly--it's from a mix.) The CD as a whole is solid, confident work, worth a listen (unless you're all tough and shit; if so, then skip it).
[k-os: Joyful Rebellion @]
Touch and Go Records for the Supersystem.

In other news, I'm looking through some crates for more gems. Even forksie gets just a few comments a post, so I hope somebody out there is actually listening to these and liking them.

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