Saturday, May 07, 2005:

Whispers, Changes, Immune

I just finished watching Whisper of the Heart, which was subdued and humane and all-around wonderful, and featured some lovely Japanese versions of "Country Road (Take Me Home)." I saw it on a fansub, though, and the DVD has 30-minute chapters, which makes it even unlikelier that I'll rip the soundtrack and trim it up for a post. It's a good film, so if you're into anime, hop on over to your video store and look for it.

I've gotten email from The Changes and from Immune, two independent bands aiming for some promotion. And, as I quite liked what they'd done, I don't mind promoting them.

Immune are an electro-pop band from France offering two tracks and five samples for download here; "you landscape" starts with a droning guitar pattern and builds an odd, moody, at times cacophonous world around it.

The Changes are from Chicago IL and have been written about previously, and better, by scissorkick, 3hive, and mystical beast. Their music has a spare, uncluttered sound to it that I think is very effective: it's somehow open, welcoming; it would be great for singalongs. The Changes have a download page here and a new track, "When I Sleep," is posted here.

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