Thursday, May 12, 2005:

Billy Preston

Billy Preston -- Sweet Marie
Billy Preston -- You Got Me Buzzin'

A couple of tracks today from Billy Preston, who most of you will know from his work with The Beatles and from "Space Race" and "Will It Go Round in Circles" (or from his organ-heavy "I'm Really Gonna Miss You"). He's done some great work, but I have a fondness for some of the things that didn't make it onto either of his "Greatest Hits" CDs. These two are off 1977's Whole New Thing which, so far at least, hasn't been released on CD.

"You Got Me Buzzin'" is an exuberant number, funky and a bit dated, but fun; "Sweet Marie" is a slower number, bluesy, heavy on piano and organ with some spare horns worked in. I think "Sweet Marie" has a bit more heft and I give it my Sitting on My Can Listening to Music "Un Certain Regard" award, but "Buzzin'" makes a nice addition to my Happymaking mix CD, so here's both.

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