Tuesday, October 12, 2004:


Soft -- You Make Me Wanna Die
It's getting chilly here. This is Florida, so "chilly" means you think about wearing a jacket and sometimes you do. "Cold" means you wear a coat and you think about buying some gloves.

This song feels like spring to me--spring in the air and a spring in your step, the chill leaving, the sun warming your skin, a big middle finger to winter--but I didn't want to hold it until then. It's got a solid construction; it's fun and immediately accessible and puts me in mind of what Radiohead might sound like if they weren't so mopey (I do like Radiohead a lot, but I take them in small doses).

The song is by a Brooklyn-based rock band named Soft. John from the band emailed me asking me to take a look at their tracks; I liked what they'd done and had no post planned for today, so here we are.

If you like this song, please leave the band comments or email them at soft (at) thebandsoft dot com. And check out their site; they have more posted.
The band Soft.


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