Friday, October 29, 2004:

Bury Me/Hard Road

Alejandro Escovedo -- Bury Me/Hard Road
Track today from Alejandro Escovedo, whom I looked up as a result of a favorable mention in an Emmylou Harris interview. A strong recommendation from a singer I like? That's all I need.

It was worth it.

Escovedo's been active in music since the late 1970s; he played in the band Rank and File, which released one album and had his label refuse to release the other; then the group broke up and the album was released on a different label. This track is from the re-release of Escovedo's solo debut, which includes a second disc of live performances. This track is off the second disc.

Last year Escovedo collapsed while on tour and was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. If you don't know anyone with Hep C: it's a devastating, fatiguing disease. His friends and fellow musicians started a fund to help cover his medical bills, as he doesn't have insurance; the site has an unreleased track you can download for a PayPal donation, but I'm not going to pass that one along. ^_^

About the music on this disc: it ranges from rockabilly to folk-rock. It took me a minute to warm to it, but I'm just strange like that (I hated Abbey Road when I first heard it). It's grown on me since--wonderful music, really.
Official site
Alejandro fund


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