Friday, February 09, 2007:

Nancy Wilson and John Fahey

Nancy Wilson -- A Brand New Me
A Sunday drive, holding hands. Maybe you'll stop somewhere for a leisurely brunch, maybe you'll trade friendly in-jokes, wink at each other behind the waitress's back, maybe you'll drive home with a pleasant anticipation.
[Can't Take My Eyes Off You, out of print]

John Fahey -- Summertime
Summertime, yes: early morning before it's hot, sunrise through a screen door, golden light crosshatched over floorboards. An owl in the woods hooting still, the crows not yet awake.
[Red Cross @ or @ emusic]

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i adore john fahey...i have Yellow Princess on vinyl and can't listen to it because the player broke.

One of these days...

I've only recently discovered him but I like his work a lot. Any in particular that you'd recommend?

that depends, tuwa--I'm not much for anthologies and collections, greatest hits or otherwise, so I can't speak for those.

But Death Chants, Breakdowns and Military Waltzes and The Yellow Princess are really good, especially the latter...that's probably his best. I'd put several dollars on it :)

I had a Live in Tasmania album that was good without being great...

Ah, thanks for the suggestions. So far I've heard only Red Cross and Old Fashioned Love (both ones I liked). I'll look for the others.

I can't be sure that I've ever listened to Old Fashioned Love...or Red Cross.

I think he may have several obscure volumes out there. Do you usually like guitar-oriented stuff?

I'm thinking of George van Epps, Andre Segovia or Django Reinhardt kind of stuff.

I don't know much about van Epps (or Segovia, though he's a giant in the field!), but I think Reinhardt is hard to beat.

I think there's a van epps "mellow guitar" compilation out there somewhere that someone had taped along with some Billy Holiday for me once -- great stuff, taped off of vinyl so I could hear the needle some point, I'll try and replicate the procedure onto CD.

Small amounts of pops and hisses don't bother me nearly as much as the fact that so much that's been in print is now out of print and generally unavailable.

Thanks for the van Epps suggestion.

i used to work for a medium-sized music (&dvd)wholesaler, and I wouldn't be too surprised if one of these days, as a counter to digitized music that a company not unike the criterion collection will swoop in and perform several similar acts of mercy, for those willing to pay. keep a good thought.


Oh, that is a cheering thought.

wait a second, hold it -- are you being sarcastic about potentially paying through the nose, or are you "for real" ?

I didn't necessarily think it would be expensive, but I liked the thought that there could be a good Samaritan to come along and rescue out of print items.

yeah, that'd be nice...altho' i listen mostly to my friends' music these days...i haven't bought much since i left that job a year and a half ago...

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