Thursday, February 08, 2007:

Demis Roussos -- L.O.V.E. Got a Hold of Me

Demis Roussos -- L.O.V.E. Got a Hold of Me

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At the end of a slow sappy LP leading me to think I'd misspent my $1, there was this disco track, which is quite enjoyable provided you don't have a Pavlovian aversion to disco. Apparently there's a 10-minute version of it which is expensive and highly regarded among DJs. Alas, all I have is the LP version, clocking in at just under 6 minutes.

I don't know much about Roussos, except that if you rearrange the letters in his name you can spell "Soused Morris" and that I doubt I'll be buying anything more by him.
[out of print]

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Try ''I dig you''.

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