Monday, February 12, 2007:

Frederick Knight -- Trouble

Frederick Knight -- Trouble
Here's a rare unreleased Cee-Lo track.

Erm, no, it's Frederick Knight, best known for writing "Ring My Bell." He should be better known for being an all-around funky soulster with a hip sense of style (dig the coat) or, barring that, for having a damn good ear. "I've Been Lonely for So Long" and "Your Love's All Over Me" are top-notch R&B; and "Trouble" is no slouch either.

The album as a whole is a long revelation, like repeatedly turning the corner and running into an old friend, even if it's someone you've never seen before.
[I've Been Lonely for So Long @ amazon or @ emusic]


Oh, thank you so very much. I loved the Ry Cooder version of this -- I listened to it as I prepared to go overseas for community development work. Thanks for the memories -- thanks for deepening the music by hearing the original (I assume).

It's my pleasure, kate.

You're right that the song was written by Frederick Knight and Aaron Varnell. I had no idea that Ry Cooder recorded a cover of it; I've heard just a little of his work. Any of his albums in particular that you'd recommend?

Your work overseas sounds neat; one of my former roommates (who put the "poly" into "polyglot") was studying to become a missionary and I always respected that because I knew it indicated passion for the work rather than greed. He was a very very humble fellow, though, and I'm sure the work suited him perfectly.

You must have some interesting stories.

Sooooooooooo good.

Ry Cooder covered this Song on his "Bop Till You Drop"-Album. When You Like Frederick Knight, then the "Bop" would be a good starting point to discover Ry Cooder. Other good CDs are "Get Rhythm" or "Into The Purple Valley" and "Chicken Skin Music".

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