Thursday, June 22, 2006:

old shoes and a box of rocks that don't belong together

The Darts -- Peaches
Joe Sun w. Shotgun -- (Home Away from Home) I'll Find It Where I Can
David Griggs -- Satan James
Been feeling under the weather lately.

Here are some tracks I posted about a year ago, when I was using Yousendit (why? I don't know. Rev. Frost's site was the only one I ever bothered with yousendit links on.)

Darts writeup.
Joe Sun writeup.
The David Griggs writeup was subpar, even by my standards. I like his voice and also the harmonizing backup vocals; and the guitar work is ace. I'm not sure I understand all the story, but that never stopped me from liking a song before.

These are all out of print--ephemera. (Shane! Come back!)

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"Been feeling under the weather lately"
I send you by mail a six pack of coronas right now.

That'll lift the spirits. Thanks, Rev.

While we're at it, I'll throw in a Corpse Reviver #2 (gin, Lillet, triple sec and lemon juice with a couple of drops of absinthe). That'll clear your skies.

These are good choices for feeling under the weather. Hope you're feeling better by now. I really like the Joe Sun. Whatever happened to him? (I couldn't find the bio on

Huh. The countryworks site seems to have taken a dive. I hope it comes back.

Allmusic tells me that Sun released a record in '98, and after that? Who knows? I have another of his that I've found since that post last year, but I think I still (still!) haven't listened to it and pulled any tracks for posting.

Check this comment out: Joe Sun is touring Europe, and has two new CDs out.

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