Monday, June 12, 2006:

punches, two by fours, & inconsiderate elephants

Bob Marley -- Mr. Brown
Zap Mama -- Mr. Brown
Orchestra Baobab -- Hommage À Tonton Ferrer
Ibrahim Ferrer -- Buenos Hermanos
Paul Simon -- Gone At Last
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Ever have one of those weekends where you're walking down the sidewalk minding your own business and someone punches you in the face, and then when you stand up someone else hits you in the knee with a two by four, and then when you get back up and lean against the nearest light post--hand to forehead, eyes closed, concentrating on summer breezes and chocolate mint and "Elvira Madigan"--a passing elephant stops just long enough to piss on your foot?

If you have, take a few of these and post in the comments if it doesn't help.
[Complete Upsetter Singles 1970-1972]
[Sabsylma ]
[Specialist in All Styles]
[Buenos Hermanos]
[Still Crazy After All These Years]

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Apparently dot-mac has had my bandwidth cut off since the 8th. But, immediately after posting these, I right-clicked all of the links to make sure I'd got the file names right this time, and every one of them started the download.

I'm curious why Apple is handling things this way--allowing me to upload when there's no bandwidth left, and then pretending to let me download as well. There's a common, and very sensible, usability principle called "preventing errors" that I wish they'd look into. Perhaps they've heard of Jakob Nielsen, or Jesse James Garrett, or Daniel D. McCracken, or Christina Wodtke.

Meanwhile I'm trying to find a better solution, whether it's upgrading bandwidth or switching to a hosting company that's less about smoke and mirrors.

thx rapidshare is working

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