Monday, May 29, 2006:

X-Wife -- Ping Pong


X-Wife -- Ping Pong
I was sent this track in mid-March and, just to prove that I don't always know a good thing when it comes around, I didn't start listening to it much until a couple of weeks ago.

On their MySpace page, they self-identify as "post punk electronic rock power trio," which is a good start to a description that continues on into "funky neurosis crossed with retro-technolust, catchy verses, and clubhopping joie de vivre."

*Bandwidth is tapped at dot-mac, which decided to start sucking once I signed up to it (they switched from unmetered bandwidth to 20GB/month, which isn't nearly enough even for this site). So this track is at and the earlier tracks don't work at the moment.
[X-Wife's site]
[X-Wife @ Myspace]

As you may know, reggae/rocksteady legend Desmond Dekker died on May 25. Plenty of tracks floating around the blogosphere, for instance "007 Shantytown" at Retrobabe, "Pretty Africa" at Music for Robots, "Bongo Gal" and "Pickney Girl" at Number One Songs in Heaven, and "Unity" and "Intensified '68" at Can't Stop Won't Stop.

Neil Gaiman tries to call his daughter, and MCI gives some unusual customer service.

An awesome post pointing out "Beatles moments."

And don't miss two AskMe classics, "I just started dating this really awesome girl, and we spend the night together often, and I want to know how long I have to wait before I can fart in bed" and "What does it mean when a man shows an anal sex video on the first date?" I love the range of human conduct shown on that site....

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Thanks to a crude bit of VBScript, I've been checking out the entire AskMe archives. There are some gems there for sure. Some other (early) favorites include unwritten rules of dress and how to tell someone in public that his zipper is down.

Oh, and then too, there's this question about manners and the "airnxtz" thread, in which airnxtz posts a question about recourse for ebay fraud and it is noticed that he seems to have quite the history with people defrauding him on ebay....

Neil Gaiman's story reminded me of when my daughter was born and I tried to call my family from the hospital, but AT&T had cancelled my credit card number without telling me. Cancelling the number was a good idea (someone had stolen it and run up a thousand bucks worth of calls to Central America) but it would have been nice if someone had mentioned it to me. So I ended up spending what should have been one of the most joyous moments of my life arguing with AT&T customer service. Feh.

Wow. That would definitely ruin the moment (and be a lasting memory).

What made it even worse was later that year AT&T started running commercials showing someone using a phone credit card to call their family from the hospital about a new baby. Every time I saw that commercial I felt like throwing the damn phone at the tube. Yes, a lasting memory. Still makes my blood boil today.

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