Monday, April 03, 2006:

Holopaw, skullduggery, and espionage

Holopaw --Hula-La
Holopaw -- Velveteen (All Is Bright.)
mp3blogging is a cut-throat business. We like to pretend we're all affable and laissez-faire, but it's a carefully-projected facade, the manners of a diplomat who knows that all their country's best spies are out and about blackmailing stubborn officials and arranging tragic accidents.

Just last week, while the Said the Gramophone crew was at a concert, I was black-suited and night-visioned, rappeling down from the roof to Jordan's 15th-story apartment to pick the lock on his window and steal his next post. His safe was a challenge--I had the combination but didn't expect the fingerprint verification--but what particularly surprised me was the single paper inside.

"231612 3435031623 0834330739 362804 142318061824 34370812 261303 34203535 0637232613083936 280437 36162318 24342614," it said.
"What the hell," I said.

Outside he was staggering up the stairs drunk, far too soon. All I scored was a couple of Holopaw CDs off his desk.

On the plane, I found a post-it note tucked inside: posted June 29, 2005. Do try again.

P.S. You left your balcony door unlocked.

Holopaw are from Gainesville, Florida, and did not approve this post.
[Holopaw's official site]
[Quit +/- Or Fight]

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Yep, that's a critical beatdown. ^_^

Ah well, I scooped him on Geechie Wiley, at least.

Scooped me on Geeshie?! I more or less did a live blog of Geeshie's first ever street-corner performance. So there!

;) <- That's the first happy face I've ever done (seriously), and I think his eye is bleeding. :0

d'oh! foiled again.

Here's an eyepatch for your smiley face: รพ

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