Thursday, March 30, 2006:

Kleptones & Patsy & offers you can't refuse

Elton Soprano
The Kleptones -- Down on Bennies
Patsy Cline -- You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)
The Kleptones have released another mashup album--it doesn't impress me as much as From Detroit to J.A., but it's got some tracks I like a lot (like "10:25 Sixteen Sisters," once it starts, and "21:00 Uptight Jet"). And then there's this one, which takes the vocal from "Bennie and the Jets" and puts it over some grinding distorted guitar (at least some of it from The Stooges' "Down on the Street"), making Elton sound like the don of the gay mafia that Will and Grace apparently says he is.

The rest of the mashups remind me of the notes of a brilliant professor: an elliptical mention inside a matchbook, an uncited half-erased quotation, a mathematical proof ranging from one side of a sandwich wrapper to the other, carried over to the back of a FedEx envelope. I wonder how they'd do with a bit more focus. (Exhibit A: the "Superstition"/"Sledgehammer" tease is, well, a tease. It works beautifully, what little there is of it; it deserves a full track.) But it manages to make Phil Collins sound interesting, which is no mean feat.

Patsy doesn't need an introduction, does she? An amazing voice, a staple of music collections.
[The Kleptones -- 24 Hours]
[Patsy Cline -- True Love: A Standards Collection]

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Thanks for the tip on the Stooges song. I found a version of Down on the Street done by Rage against the machine. This is the version used in Down on Bennies. A great machup

Ah. So that explains it. I wondered where they'd got the rest of the guitar from.

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