Monday, April 10, 2006:

Eddie Bo -- The Thang / Sissy Walk

Eddie Bo -- The Thang (Pt. 1)
Eddie Bo -- Sissy Walk
I ordered another Eddie Bo CD after liking the last one so much; this one (The Hook and Sling) is much funkier than the previous, which was more in line with early rock and R&B.

As I mentioned when I posted Eddie Bo before, I'd first found his music on DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist's Brainfreeze, and then I spent some time trying to track down the samples. So far Bo's are the only ones I've been able to find.

Hook and Sling has another of them, surprisingly enough--I didn't see it on the list I found of samples used, but "The Thang (pt. 1)" was in the set, for good reason: it has this great "lost funk" vibe to it with the vocal delivery and the wah-wah on the guitar, and then the distortion in the solo.

Then "Sissy Walk," with its sax and guitar, sounds like it could have been a lost James Brown track. Eddie latches onto that groove and rides over the hill and into the sunset.
The Hook & Sling review @
[The Hook & Sling]


Really nice classic funk. Very much in the tradition of New Orleans funk bands like the Meters.

I have this live medley from the Meters that includes a song called Cissy Strut: %20Medley.mp3

According to allmusic, Cissy Strut and Sophisticated Cissy were Meters hits in 1969, the same year that Eddie Bo had a hit with the original Hook and Sling.

Sorry, there's an extra space in that link. Here's the fixed link:

I'd never heard that song by them before. The Meters are good; they could do with a post too. ^_^

Eddie who? ^_^

Eddie Boo?

Eddie Beau?

Eddie Who Brings the Funk But Can't Rock As Hard As Reverend Frost, And His Amplifier Probably Only Goes up to Seven?

Yup, I didn't find the stage at the last gig :)
Btw, we should start a new religion based on some Eddie Bo divinity. Nah wait, we might go to war with all those Britney Spears Fanatics.

No, we'd have Celine Dion attack Innervisions with autotune and then we'd declare war on a producer who forbids the use of computers in music altogether. Then once we'd taken him out of the picture his sound engineers would all starting fighting amongst themselves and we'd go off to SXSW talking about how hard it is to do the work we chose to do.

Ok I'm in ^_^

Eddie Bo has a writeup in the New Orleans Times-Picayune. If you don't want to bother with cookies and giving your zip code and DOB and so forth, then check it out from the Google results (news: Eddie Bo, or later, probably Google: "Veronica Randolph transformed a former").

Also see this WFMU interview (about halfway through), this blog writeup, and this discography.

Thanks, Dan.

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