Thursday, April 06, 2006:

The Roots Canal (guest blog): Keb's Kids

the subdudes -- Papa Dukie & the Mud People
After that thread about Keb' Mo' in yesterday's post, I thought I'd put up this song by the subdudes, a contemporary New Orleans band whose new album was produced by Keb' Mo'. As a courtesy to the band, since this is their big single, I'm posting the live concert version they made available on their website. The album version is a lot tighter and better mixed, but the strength of the song comes through here, too.

"Papa Dukie & the Mud People" is about a band of hippies that showed up in the small Louisiana town where a couple of the band members grew up in the 60s. In the kind of culture clash that was common in those days, no one knew quite what to make of them. I'm not sure how to describe the subdudes' music. The album covers a lot of styles, from rootsy acoustic rock to funky dance music, all of it backed by a Cajun-style accordion that gives it a distinctive sound. Whatever it is, it's fun. They're playing at Jazzfest on Saturday afternoon, April 29th, and that night they're doing a double bill with their mentor, Keb' Mo', at the House of Blues.

I'm not sure what to make of this lower-case thing, either. If that's how they want to spell their name, fine. But why design their album cover in all capital letters?

[Behind the Levee]
fun it is.

Are you sure we shouldn't rename this joint? :-)

I just caught wind of an event that just happened last night in DC. This "Pray for Peace" included performances by Graham Nash, David Crosby, Jackson Browne, and others. A local radio station has pics, video and audio from the event. Check it out at

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