Tuesday, October 04, 2005:

D Train: Tryin' to Get Over

criss cross?  you mean put our clothes on backwards?
D Train -- Tryin' to Get Over
D Train was a 80s R&B act probably best known for their song "You're the One for Me," though they also did a post-worthy version of "Walk on By" (both on their 1982 debut You're the One for Me).

"Tryin' to Get Over" was a modest dancefloor hit. I think I like this song mostly for its locked-in groove coupled with the vocals. The dated synth, for some reason, is also striking me as a plus: a technical limitation that gives it some ineffable charm. Don't get me wrong, dated synths can be irritating at times (case in point: I love some of Billy Preston's work but hate his squealing square-wave synth solos), but in this case the keyboards are in moderation enough that I think they're somehow endearing--a bit like watching a claymation film.


I think I'll forego the obvious Coltrane post, which means the 'train' part of the mix is over next post. After that, a short jog and some walking. What do you think so far?

Would anyone like to get a mix CD sometime in the future, maybe write up a few comments (you know, how Forksclovetofu did a few times for The Tofu Hut)? It wouldn't happen for months, but I've got an idea for it on the back burner.

I got my first spam comment on the site today. Hoorah, I've arrived enough to be a target.


Plans afoot for a Strangers on a Train remake. While they're at it, someone should remake Psycho and The Manchurian Candidate; I can't help thinking they could be classics if a skillful filmmaker with a strong vision had the right actors, musicians, and cinematographers for it.
[Amazon.com]: D-Train. (CD rerelease--without the pops, I'm sure).


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