Monday, September 26, 2005:

This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers

a bridge, I say.  bloody good show.
Augie March -- This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers
I thought I had Mission of Burma's Vs. CD, but I can't find it. So, uh, no Roger Miller-inspired Alloy Orchestra/Mission of Burma transition here. Just imagine that there was one, and it was cool.

Augie March are an Australian band crossing gospel, jazz, folk, pop, and rock, with the occasional veer towards the punk. Much of their Strange Birds release has dreamy lulling melodies; this one is more bitter, disillusioned with politics and abuse of power: "We'll stand on his hand, that's how you pin your man, we'll smash him from Preston to Epworth!" The lyrics seethe with righteous anger yet the song is wrapped in pianos, squealing organ, and background harmonies, and somehow it all fits rather nicely.


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