Wednesday, September 07, 2005:

Tommy Roe: Everybody and Heather Honey

Tommy Roe -- Everybody
Tommy Roe -- Heather Honey
I think I'm up for something uncomplicated and fun, a bit of bubblegum pop with some bright lyrics and major-keyed vocals. You know, acoustic guitars, handclaps, the whole nine yards.

Tommy Roe is probably best known for his songs "Dizzy" and "Sheila" (in which he borrows a bit from Buddy Holly). These two charted also, though not as highly--"Everybody" spent eleven weeks on Billboard and peaked at #3; "Heather Honey" peaked at #29 and dropped off the charts after just three weeks.

"Everybody" is a cheerful post-breakup song: "One time or other, everybody listen to me, you lose somebody you love / That's no reason for you to break down and cry." Maybe he's putting on a strong face or maybe he's really not that bothered by it. Either way, I can dig it.

"Heather Honey" is a confident low-key love song, very pleasant, even soothing. Just what the doctor ordered. "The girls I knew are not like you / you're a different kind / Heather honey, can't you see / you're blowing my mind?"

These tracks are digitized from the 1982 greatest-hits LP Collectibles, but there are several other compilations of Roe's work on CD, many of them more extensive and still available.
[]: Tommy's 22 Big Ones


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