Friday, September 30, 2005:

Doc Watson: Blue Railroad Train

Joel and Clementine
Doc Watson -- Blue Railroad Train
This song tells a story of lost love--a simple story by a simple man riding a train. You can hear the creak of the boards, smell the coal outside, the hay inside, the corn in the hot sun nearly baked on the stalk. You watch the fields roll by; your baby rolls on down the line. You do too: in the same direction, in another, it doesn't matter. You want her back but she could be sitting across from you and it wouldn't change anything. She's after something better. It's over--no love left, no profound realization, no acceptance, no eureka.

So you sit in your railroad car with the door open, staring out at the passing blur. You flatpick a guitar and come up with a nice melody to put the words into; you repaint the story in sepia tones. Eventually the memories are freighted with a warm nostalgia. It takes the pain away, gives a proper distance, makes the relationship irreproachable and perfect. It also makes it completely unreal. You don't mind.
[]: The Essential Doc Watson: some solid work on display here.


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