Wednesday, October 05, 2005:

Banco de Gaia -- Last Train to Lhasa

horsemen leaping from a train.
Banco de Gaia -- Last Train to Lhasa (11 MB)
Today's track is the title track to Last Train to Lhasa, a two-disc set about Tibet that tends towards the quietly political, calm and assured rather than fiery and shrill. This one is--like most of the rest of the set--very sedate: train whistles, gentle chug, vocals low in the mix.

Banco de Gaia's music is mostly ambient dub, full of slow developments, careful overlaps, often a low persistent beat that on a good day matches your heart and makes you feel unborn and perfectly content: unbothered by quickness and flash and pressing demands. I love to listen to it late at night after a long day; it's perfect to drift off to sleep to. It's soothing, comforting, a modern-day lullaby.

I wrote about Banco de Gaia a year ago, shortly after nailing the last plank in place on the shanty, and mentioned this song then also (if nothing else I seem to have consistent likes and dislikes). If I remember right I didn't post this song then because it struck me as a bit too long, but I was bumping up against the self-imposed ten-minute limit already with "Sinhala" (and with Alejandro Escovedo). Then I broke it months ago with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. So here it is. All aboard....

And thus ends the train mix. Up next: a short run and a shorter walk.


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