Friday, June 17, 2005:

yousendit and a Joe Sun/Shotgun re-post

Almost no one is bothering with the yousendit downloads, so I decided to give a try. At $2.99 a month, that's something I can afford; I'll just have one fewer Chocolate Silk.

I've reposted the Joe Sun tracks from June 7th and The Darts from June 10th because they're out of print, I think they're great, and almost nobody heard them. You can go there now and right-click "save as" without getting the screen in between (and the wait for yousendit to respond).

I'll repost Stargard and Urban Blight--also out of print--tomorrow.

If anything I posted recently intrigued you but you didn't bother with it because of yousendit, just let me know. ^_^
did you check out his myspace yet

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