Saturday, June 18, 2005:, CommonTunes, two reposts

I've reposted the Stargard and Urban Blight writeups so that they're not through yousendit and you can just right-click/"save as."

I got a press release from theAgriculture records some time ago, about a CD compilation for download--"fifteen tracks in all of butt shaking dub/hip hop/roof music madness." I've been listening to it for a week or so, forgetting to mention it here. Bad, bad blogger. It's good work.

I've also gotten an email from CommonTunes, "a platform for sharing links to freely available music and for uploading your own music to distribute via BitTorrent." Near the end, the email solicited music for sale by BitTorrent, which seems an unusual idea. I wonder how it would work without writing a new frontend for BitTorrent access (or maybe they have already). I'd been to the site before and was somewhat puzzled by it--I think they'd do well to put up a FAQ--but at any rate it sounds like an interesting project and I wish them all the best.


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