Sunday, June 05, 2005:

Flares, Foot Stomping, Fists of Fury, Bullette

The Flares -- Foot Stompin, Part 1
Silly/happy number today from doo-wop group The Flares. They had a number of lineup changes, including several different female vocalists who were almost all not on their album covers. Through it all this was their only hit, though they kept trying for another. The problem was that most of them sounded more than a little like this one. It's easy to see why they'd keep trying for that same magic again--the track is infectious fun--but it's a fool's quest in my opinion. Best to move on and try something else (wouldn't that change the face of modern music, if everyone did?)

If you're thinking The Flares sound like The Coasters, then I'd have to congratulate you on your perspicacity; there's a tangential relationship. Cornell Gunter founded the group and went on to The Coasters, where he was met with somewhat greater success. Still, there is a similarity between the two in the structure, instrumentation, and vocal delivery, though I think The Coasters have wittier lyrics.

Change of subject: has anyone sampled the soundtrack from Fists of Fury, just before the 2nd-to-last fight? Because, well, someone needs to.

And, to cap it off: Monika Bullette sent an email about her CD, which I didn't quite know what to make of at first (she's in good company; I hated Pet Sounds when I first heard it--I think sometimes I'm just slow at figuring out what rules certain music has decided to govern itself by). Anyway, Bullette's work has been praised by Said the Gramophone, Spoilt Victorian Child, Large Hearted Boy, and Mystical Beast (all by better writers than I am), so if those sound like your kind of music then check it out. And if they don't, check it out anyway. It's odd, innovative work, fun and striking and just good. I don't know which to emphasize, though I think "Don't Start Believin'" and "Disappearing Act" are as good a start as any. Go poke around; you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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