Friday, November 19, 2004:

Sly and the Family Stone

Sly and the Family Stone -- Life
Sly and the Family Stone -- Spaced Cowboy
Tough figuring out what to post today--I decided on Sly and the Family Stone and then spent way too long trying to decide which tracks.

"Life" is a peppy joyous number, the title track from their 1968 album; "Spaced Cowboy" is from 1971's release There's a Riot Going On, which IMO sums up fairly well as an intersection between angry disillusionment and drug abuse. "Spaced Cowboy" is a trippy bit of smoking funk/country with a drum machine and some yodeling, amusing and unusual but oddly compelling. This should have been in a Coen brothers film; it might have worked as well for the rolling tumbleweed at the start of The Big Lebowski. And "Life" just makes me want to dance.

There's no way to sum up Sly and the Family Stone's output in two tracks, so just take these as two I enjoy. And if you haven't yet, poke around in their catalogue; the discs are worth the attention, especially up to 1973's Fresh.
There's a Riot Going On


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