Monday, November 15, 2004:

Wave Twisters

wave twisters
DJ QBert -- Redworm
DJ QBert -- Sneak Attack
DJ QBert, from Wave Twisters, the world's first "scratch concept album": 17 tracks about a society that talks to each other through scratching--whickas, bleeps, bloops, burps, mechanical noises--and a crew of heroes trying to spread the four elements of hip hop (breakdancing, rapping, graffiti, and scratching) through the universe. The plot's a bit more convoluted than all that, and very odd; most of it's explained in the cartoon they put together to go with the music. Redworm is one of their enemies and the Sneak Attack is, well, a sneak attack.

I'm plenty geek enough to dig the sci-fi and videogame samples scattered throughout the disc (including sound effects and vocals from Starcraft), and the sense of humor doesn't hurt. But the turntablism itself is amazing (unsurprisingly--he and the other Invisbl Skratch Piklz won the DMC World Championships three years in a row). Maybe it's the licensing keeping this in such limited print? ... It would be in good company there in the netherworld of illegal art, with Double Dee and Steinski's Lessons 1-3. You can find the CD on ebay sometimes; that's where I snagged it.
Official site and pick up Wave Twisters on DVD, $20 cheaper than

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