Thursday, November 04, 2004:

Chase the Blues (away)

Terranova -- Chase the Blues (Cameron McVey mix)
Terranova is (are) a German trip-hop trio; their DJ Kicks release had remixes of "Tried by 12" and Junkyard Band's "The Word," pepping it up quite a bit, as well as tracks by Jungle Brothers and DJ Spooky and a number of others.

This track is off a Terranova single, or you can find it on a pricey import compilation. It's a remix of "Chase the Blues" that, along with a restaurant special on Foster's, is helping do just what it claims. (A stopgap measure, to be sure, and it will take a bit more to convince me that the U.S. public is more good than vengeful--but I expect that that will be the last I say about politics for awhile.)

In other news: looking at my CD and LP collection, I'd say I can carry this on for another two months or so, maybe less, before I run out of artists tracks I'm over the moon about. So the ride stops then. I'd rather not do an Emmylou Harris week and a Nina Simone week and a Cesaria Evora week--most people will either like them or not, and get the point about it rather soon.

And, in other news, I've been poking through the access logs and I can't figure youse out. Some tracks that I've posted have gotten almost no response; others get an overwhelming response. And it doesn't seem to go by name recognition. So: what makes you decide whether to listen to any certain song?
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