Sunday, November 28, 2004:

reap what you sow

Merrilee Rush & The Turnabouts -- Reap What You Sow
So an agnostic, a lapsed Catholic, a Hindu, and two Christians sit watching Dogville, and the two taking most glee at the end are the Christians. Statistically insignificant, I know, but not an uncommon attitude in the southeastern U.S.: I keep meeting people who seem to think that the Old Testament is absolutely right about homosexuality being a sin and that Jesus is absolutely wrong about acceptance, humility, and turning the other cheek. Right-o. At some point Christ's teachings have been removed from Christianity; it's really quite curious.

I don't know much at all about Merrilee Rush, aside from her "Angel in the Morning" song ("Just call me angel of the morning, angel" etc.) and "What the World Needs Now," but after a bit of poking around online I found that her album has been reissued with this track as a bonus. And a bonus it is: the singer was dumped and, bitter and gleeful, puts it to her ex: "One day you'll find that someone; she'll say her love is true / and when you start to fall for her, she'll pull her rug on you."

This is the flipside to the omnipresent "Angel in the Morning" and for my money it's a much better track. Though I'm not sure if people do always reap what they sow, or should. And "my money" in this case equals 10¢ plus tax, how much I found the 45 for at the library booksale.
Collector's Choice reissue, with bonus tracks

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