Wednesday, November 24, 2004:

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Chico Marx -- 2nd movement of the Beer Barrel Polka
Marx Brothers today, only because I watched At the Circus and A Night in Casablanca recently, and this track made me smile. It's from A Night in Casablanca, but the soundtrack isn't in print and I didn't see any tracks from it on the boxed set.

The Marx Brothers films are kind of uneven IMO but the musical numbers are always a treat.
Beer Barrel Polka lyrics (that would be for the, uh, first movement.)
Warners vs. the Marxes about the film title. Groucho shuts them out.
IMDb claims that Roeper claims that story is a legend, but I can't find anything about it from Roeper himself. And the IMDb also claims that someone said "Play It Again, Sam" in this film, but I think they've confused the Marx Brothers with Woody Allen. on the story: untrue.

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