Monday, April 16, 2007:

The Octopus Walks Across the Coral

Morningbell -- The Octopus Walks Across the Coral
Morningbell has a new album out. It's a Choose Your Own Adventure album; the adventure I chose was to listen to the tracks in numerical order, and then to give it some time and listen again. I'm happy for the ways it shows the group stretching out, expanding their sound, and while there aren't any tracks on it I dislike, I think the two being promoted are not the two I would have picked: my money is on "Utopian Fantasy at the Center of the Earth" and "The Octopus Walks Across the Coral."

I've written about Morningbell twice before, once for kicks and out of general excitement, and once as part of a failed experiment. What I haven't written much about is octopuses.

What can you say about octopuses that doesn't involve ink or the lack of a skeleton? They can camouflage themselves amazingly well, sometimes to ambush a shark; they can open jars for food and climb onboard boats to get at food stored in the hold; they can walk on two legs, six arms wrapped around them so they look like a coconut taking a stroll, or hold the other six arms up, twisted about so they look like algae. They can also regrow an arm, unless the budget doesn't allow it. And they can play the guitar but not the bagpipes.
[Morningbell's site]
[Morningbell's MySpace page]
[This was a Team Clermont promotion, but I would have picked it up anyway given my fondness for the band.]

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sweet. glad you dig.

i understand about the songs not being your choices to promote, but it's hard to decide what to shoot for: exiting and energetic vs. laid back and pretty.

usually, we shoot for the energetic.

Ah, that makes sense, and you're probably making the right choice.

I may pick up a hard copy of this, just because I'm interested in your liner notes (and you have good pics on your covers).

yes, the hard copy is beautifully done by our friend Shaun. we'll send you one if you want.

email me your addy

Ooh, unobfuscated email on a webpage. You've made me cringe. [bloody Vikings]

I think I'll catch you at Common Grounds, if it's all the same.

Well, this sucks. I've got a hell of an earache and I'm not going anywhere tonight.

Will have to catch the May 5 show, sorry.

i guess email/web technology stays one step ahead of me yet agaon.

please do stop and say hi at the 5/5 show

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