Saturday, April 14, 2007:

Roots Canal: everybody look what's going down

Sex Mob -- For What It's Worth
This is on a totally different track, but Tuwa's last post reminded me of a great version of For What It's Worth by Sex Mob, which was Steven Bernstein's last band before Millenial Territory Orchestra. Bernstein takes jazz in all sorts of interesting directions, trying to make it a little less cerebral and more accessible. He describes it this way:
Jazz used to be popular music. People would go out to clubs, listen to the music, go home, and get laid. Simple as that. We're bringing that spirit back.
Give a listen. Maybe you'll get lucky.

[Solid Sender] Also on emusic.
That's a neat track, and I can see why you thought of it.

Sex Mob's CDs all got good reviews at allmusic, and they sound just crazy enough to pique my interest; are there any discs in particular you'd recommend?

This song reminds me of a big riff on the "Stop children, what's that sound, everybody look what's goin' down" theme from Buffalo Springfield's "Stop, Hey What's That Sound." I'm pretty sure it's even in the same key. Listen 1:45 in and it sounds like the muted trumpet is even saying the "stop, listen" line. Great jam though.

Wow, I completely failed to notice that, Aaron. Good catch.

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