Thursday, March 15, 2007:

Harold Burrage

Harold Burrage -- Betty Jean
Harold Burrage -- You Eat Too Much
Harold Burrage was a pianist whose career started in the 1950s and lasted until his untimely death in the mid 1960s; in that time he cut blues, rock'n'roll, and R&B sides for a few labels, including Cobra (which, as you might expect, meant he recorded a bit with Otis Rush and Magic Sam).

"Betty Jean" sounds like the kind of track the good Reverend might post, all roots rock and driving rhythms, whereas "You Eat Too Much" is more rosswords's taste, a comedy song from the fringes of a strained relationship: a lament, a condemnation, a documentation of excess:
A pound of baloney, a gallon of ice cream too
You ate the sole off of my left shoe
You started in the kitchen and ended in the hall
You chewed up the rug and ate the paper off the wall
You know you eat too much
[Messed Up: out of print @ amazon. emusic rides to the rescue.]

(I accidentally deleted this post, could not undelete it; had to pull it up from browser cache and republish it. Apologies for dumping an old entry into site feeds, and for losing the accompanying comments.)


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