Wednesday, February 14, 2007:

Odawas -- Alleluia

Odawas -- Alleluia
Titles are treacherous things, conjuring up images of what they will, regardless of what songs they're affixed to. I suspect this one slipped away in the night and found itself a home more to its liking.

If it's a song of praise, I have either never properly heard praise or never recognized it. It's a song of spare beauty, of echoing in a cave, of "this is all I have, stop it, this is all I have." Perhaps it's a song of resignation, of guilty relief, of a friend's death after protracted and painful illness.

Odawas have a website and a myspace page and an album due out March 6.

A fascinating discussion on the general American acceptance of rape in prison and what it says about the psychology of people accepting it.

I've recently noticed people accessing the site through proxies skirting censorship. It's useful to remember that there are always more than one; and in some cases there seem to be networks of them. In any case, here are some additional tips on how to access banned sites (like and from within India, Pakistan, and China, (and presumably also Iran and many other countries) and some more tips on circumventing censorship.

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i like. thx

Glad to hear it, anon.

The Go image is up because I'd originally written an entry around Trevanian's Shibumi but then decided it wasn't so good. But I liked the image, so it stayed.

In case anyone was wondering, which they probably weren't.

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