Wednesday, September 13, 2006:

Yusef Lateef -- Blues for the Orient

Yusef Lateef -- Blues for the Orient
Yusef Lateef's oboe is humble, taciturn, uncomplaining, quietly efficient. If it were a man it would be the kind of man people barely notice as he moves through a company making sure that everything that needs to happen happens--the kind of man who helms a crack crew, turning in critical work ahead of schedule and well-executed, then immediately moves on to the next thing and gets passed up for a raise.

The bass, drums, and piano hang out with him because of the work, which is unusual and challenging; afterwards they smoke outside alley doors under the eaves in the rain, then head off in different directions: the nearest bar, the movies, a party across town, the subway home. In the morning they yawn and stretch and lie in bed, smiling, wondering what will happen today.
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Target loses a lawsuit brought against it about providing a commercial website which is not very accessible to the blind.


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Off to a movie (missed the matinee)--

Nice change of pace. I like it a lot.

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