Monday, August 14, 2006:

Teenager in Love

Orion image by
Bob Marley and the Wailers -- Teenager in Love
This is not the typical Wailers sound here--it was recorded in 1964, well before their most famous work--but it's got that same sense of affable melody and uncluttered composition. The song is a cover of a Dion and the Belmonts tune, but I think there's a real economy and grace to it that saves it from being merely a pre-fame Wailers curiosity.

In any case, I keep listening to it, though I wonder if the lyrics might not be a bit cheesy (answer: the doubt is probably answer enough).
[Simmer Down at Studio One, Vol. 1 ]

Video treats:
Post vs. truck. Amazing, even if it is a commercial.

David "Elsewhere" Bernal poppin' and lockin' (the second dancer) and poppin' and lockin' some more.

"Marvelous old man," a heavily artefacted but funny video from Japanese TV, with Cyril Takayama performing illusions on an unsuspecting audience.

Also good: Downtown no gaki no tsukai ya arahende, a Japanese show about contestants having to stay silent (often in a library) while facing pranksters and/or odd punishments. This one with Ernesto Hoost is hilarious; this one without the subtitles is also good. (links via And I'm having the nagging feeling that I've posted these two before, but I can't find any evidence of it. Apologies, if so.

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Thanks for the link, it's awesome. I love the astrological picture as well. I used to be so into Astrology and Nebulas and such that i subscribed to Astronomy Magazine just for the images.

Thanks, parker.

What link is it you're referring to?

Yes, there are some great astronomy photos out there, and quite a lot of them on (for obvious reasons). It's funny you mention the subscription; I used to hang out in the Science Library reading Scientific American (call no: T 1 S5) just for kicks, though I was a liberal arts major.

I've got a post I'd love to, uh, post, but the network the files are on is being extraordinarily uncooperative. Maybe later today....

Great link! Great photo too. The next time you post, hope to see more of these type of photos.

Thanks, liz112. I'm not sure why I don't post more pictures; a good picture goes a long way.

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