Tuesday, January 17, 2006:

I'm Weak for You

Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes
Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes -- I'm Weak for You
This song is mighty--I mean ten feet tall and six hundred pounds; it drives railroad spikes with its fist; when it goes for a stroll it tosses mountains out of the way. But it's also a sweetheart, mannered and well-dressed, bringing roses and a good wine. It cooks dinner and lights the candles.

It's also proof of the theory of relativity. Sometimes it's just the right length, the ending a hammock, a breeze, a loosely held beer. Other times it's a couple minutes too long, the ending an indulgence, a lazy jam with a Clif's Notes more slender than most.

The picture above is, as you can see, of Black & Blue, the LP this song first appeared on. The LP is out of print and the audio is ripped from If You Don't Know Me By Now: The Best of Harold & The Blue Notes. Other standouts on that compilation: "Bad Luck," "The Love I Lost," "Don't Leave Me This Way," "Hope That We Can Be Together Soon," "Wake Up Everybody."
[If You Don't Know Me by Now: The Best of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes]


Sometimes I think I post the wrong songs from an album. e.g. today "Don't Leave Me This Way" is the one I'd pick if I were writing this up: the build is more satisfying, the disco break exuberant and infectious, daring you not to be joyful. Ace.

blogspot needs to improve their captchas; my vision is not so bad, but some of these images are awfully tricky.

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