Wednesday, November 30, 2005:

Ian Love and Listing Ship

Ian Love -- The Only Night
This song is like an overnight drive back to your loved ones, sunrise glinting through the trees. You're tired but you can't stop, and besides, you've had too much coffee to sleep. So you drive on and stop occasionally to get out and walk around and bring some feeling back into your legs. In the car you pound on the steering wheel in time, looking out at all the mostly-empty streets; you pound on the steering wheel and sing along, poorly, loudly, because it makes the time go faster. In your neighborhood you watch the people stepping out bleary-eyed and bathrobed to collect the paper, and then it's one turn more and you've arrived and parked and let yourself in. Your family is up already and it's big hugs all around and a home-cooked breakfast. And then suddenly you are tired, and once things quiet down a bit you sit talking and find yourself dozing, perfectly at peace, and sprawl out on the couch and someone comes up and puts the blankets over you.

Why do the stars jump side to side? I don't know, but they do. They do.
[seems Ian Love has no website.]

Listing Ship -- Chinese Song
This one's like the next day--or is it the next season?--raking leaves, baking pumpkin pie, sipping apple cider. The song's got a cloistered warmth to it, a sort of autumnal peacefulness in the strings that's belied by the lyrics.

I love the crazy instrumentation--what's that, bass, woodblocks, violin, theremin? Is it? Works for me. Folkadelic.
[Listing Ship's site]


I got these two in a PR email yesterday from Team Clermont Publicity. Pleasant surprises....

There are other emails I've read but not yet followed through on, and still others that I've downloaded and liked and for some reason not yet posted. There's really no rhyme or reason to it. I'm sorry.

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Did I just take the beginning of Ian's song and write a new everything else to it? I can't figure out if that's rude, but it's definitely odd.

I like your declaration of Team Clermont interest. You're like a senator being tranparent about the lobbying they've received. Sensible policies for a happier America.

And yes, the tangential interpretation of Ian's song is odd, but it's not rude.

I'm not averse to posting good things from any source at all (PR email, DVD, vinyl); I'll take my gems where I can find them. I do try to be upfront about it, though.

Ah, elected representatives. I remember one of mine surprising me with an emotional and (need it be said?) illogical vote in favor of war on Iraq; I wonder what she thinks of it now that she's out of office and things have taken an obvious turn for the worse. <sarcasm>Mission accomplished!</sarcasm>

Where's my flight suit? Got a photo-op to attend, as soon as I finish staying the course and being flexible but strong and resolved, not giving in to terrists or madmen (or people who know what they're talking about)....

Whatever else you can say about him, Bush certainly does not "flip flop"; he's single-minded and thoroughly consistent in his hubris.

By which I mean, uh, "hi. I'm disgruntled." Or at least, a few blocks from gruntled and on the other side of the street.

I'm glad you liked these tracks, and I'm glad that my emails don't make you angry. Just doing my job and all that. We really do love what we do and the artists we work with. It sounds trite, but it's true. I appreciate your support of our artists.

Don't mind me, I'm just a crank.

The Ian Love track is wonderful - thank you. And you know, I think you say exactly what I hear, too. The way that bass-drum means that you're going home, and the acoustic guitar means it'll go exactly like you say. And the sideways stars... yeah. Lovely.

Yay! \o/

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