Tuesday, December 06, 2005:

Jonah Jones Quartet -- Blues Don't Care (Who's Got 'Em)

Jonah Jones
Jonah Jones -- Blues Don't Care (Who's Got 'Em)
Ah. Had some bad news, and more bad news, and then some more, about family. Not worth getting into, as a) my family wouldn't like it and b) it sounds like something made up anyway. Got me a bit on edge, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Here's the Jonah Jones Quartet giving a happy-go-lucky spin on it: commiserating, patting you on the back, taking you out to some bawdy hilarious comedy and then a few rounds of beer. It's not some Monk/Coltrane/Davis session that leaves you puzzling it over for days, putting it on endless repeat to try to tease out the intricacies--it's simple, swinging Dixieland jazz, but that tone: so clear! And when he blows so hard it rattles--yes. Perfect.

The tune has lyrics, but not here. Has anyone heard any of the other versions? Any good? ... It's new to me, off another $1 find--rescued from a bin consisting mostly of prog rock, Christmas tunes, deservedly obscure soundtracks, and the requisite Whipped Cream and Other Delights and José Feliciano LPs (either it's international law that every used record bin have one of each, or both musicians sold one to every person on the planet).

The LP was re-released on CD, with a slight reordering and a couple bonus tracks. Then it went out of print again.

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Aaa good Tuwa, I finally find the time to write a bloody comment !
Oh and your xmas goodie is ready...Ho Ho Ho

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