Friday, October 28, 2005:

Seu Jorge -- Don't / Rebel Rebel

Seu Jorge -- Don't
Seu Jorge -- Rebel Rebel
If you've seen The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, maybe you had the same reaction to the guitarist that I did--"Wow, that's awesome, who is that?" He's Seu Jorge, who also was in Cidade de Deus as Knockout Ned, and spent much of his time on the Life Aquatic filming answering questions from the other actors like "Are the slums really as bad as in City of God?" (Worse.)

"Don't" is from Cru Seu Jorge's solo album; I think it is by far the best thing on it, though the rest has been growing on me. Just a wonderful sound to it: quiet, tender, and subdued, somehow it conveys loneliness and pleading even without considering the lyrics. (update: I should mention that this is a Leiber/Stoller cover.)

"Rebel Rebel" is from The Life Aquatic: a David Bowie cover in Portugese. Interesting, unexpected, delightful.
[]: Cru
[]: Life Aquatic soundtrack
(Looks like they'll be releasing Seu Jorge's studio sessions from the film on a separate disc--rock!)

In other news, Girish has begun mp3blogging. He's been blogging about movies for a year or so; so this is a new direction, and one I'm glad to see him take. I think I first found his site from following the link in a comment he'd posted, and the site has been a constant joy since. He writes clearly and passionately and he's got insightful, thought-provoking things to say.

(Girish points to a N.Y.Times article on Seu Jorge. [Register or bugmenot required])

And now some housekeeping:
The mix CD I proposed should be going out next month, or Dec. 7 at the absolute latest. More about this once it's ready.

I've nixed the Haloscan comments in favor of Blogger comments. Haloscan eats the comments after awhile, which is craptacular, and I've lost some good comments as a result. Also, the Haloscan links can't be accessed in text-only browsers or in browsers with Javascript turned off, which by some accounts is about 11% of the internet. So. Lacuna no more. (update: I goofed here somehow. It puts comments on the front page, beneath the post. Working on it. Ok, I think that's done. If you find anything about the site's layout that seems wrong, please let me know in the comments or at the email address at left.)

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Tuwa, thank you. You're so kind.
Thanks also for the Seu Jorge tunes. I hadn't heard him since seeing the movie.
Question: other fave Brazilian musicians/songwriters? Just wondering.

Funny you should ask. I was just thinking that I don't know nearly enough about Brazilian music. I'll be posting some Marisa Monte next, but that puts an end to it. :-X

What about you?

I'm a bit of a Brazilian music nut. Jobim is godly. Joao Gilberto and Elis Regina are fab. More contemporary: Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso. There's a nifty little double CD called Chill Brazil volume 1 (put together by Marcos Valle) that has many of these folks on it, if someone wanted to pick up a quick overview compilation.

I even like Brazilian music once removed, like Arto Lindsay and his Ambitious Lovers. Tuwa, I'm telling ya: all this is giving me mp3 post ideas.... :-)

Tuwa--cool article on Seu Jorge in the NY Times (Subscription needed).

oops. try again.

Thanks, Girish. That's an interesting writeup.

I saw in the access logs that the NY Times visited the other day, but I didn't know that Seu Jorge was in the states playing.

His website is awful--requires Flash, first, then clicking "English" doesn't do anything, and going through the Portuguese version instead shows that everything takes several minutes to work. I wonder how much they paid that webmaster (aside from "far too much").

Cool I love Seu Jorge too - my little blog has translated some of Seu Jorge's English to portuguese traslation back to English...dig? Plus a few other


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