Tuesday, June 14, 2005:

Stargard taking it back, lowdown dancing. And Hello.

Stargard -- Changing of the Gard

The Changing of the Gard -- 1979/Warner Bros.

Stargard -- Take Me Back
Stargard -- Lowdown Dancing
Two disco tracks today from Stargard's 1979 album The Changing of the Gard. "Take Me Back" is happy and chipper, made with an eye on the dancefloor, daring you not to feel it.

"Lowdown Dancing" is slower, with a laid-back funk: chicka-chicka guitars, sliding/thumping/bumping bass line, horns. You know the drill. Good stuff.

On another note, Cory Doctorow on BoingBoing was recently raving about Party Ben's mix "Led Snooppelin." It's not bad, but I really can't get behind heavily censored lyrics. My money's on "Gorilla Cake" and the Killer Killers EP; check them out.

Spread the Good Word is killing it lately. Have you been? Go. ^_^

software rant below; feel free to ignore
I am trying to figure out the Hello program for posting photos to Blogger. As far as I can tell, either it's brain-damaged or I am. Why is there no immediately and blindingly obvious option to write a decent-sized titled post and include a photo with it? Is that unheard of? Where is the übersecret helpful help-file? 'Cause the one they have isn't always even right (e.g. double clicking on the Blogger icon does not always take you to a screen with a link labeled 'web link' on it).

Currently I have to:
a) write the post but not post it
b) post the photo
c) go modify the photo post, pasting in the text.

I must be missing something obvious. Or perhaps the GoogleLords are.

I was also quite annoyed at having that little bar keeping popping up, over whatever I was doing, about the program scanning my photos. I already told it to go ahead; that bar needs to do its work in the background.

Right now the UI on this program looks like a low C. I'm surprised it's proved as clunky and annoying as Mozilla's calendar app.

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Consider the power of being able to create incoming links to your site any time you want them...

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