Sunday, October 10, 2004:

in which things do not go as expected

I had written a post telling about meeting a documentary film maker I'd expected to be soft-spoken and thoughtful, but instead he was some fast-talking slickster with a runny nose. Then sobriety spoke up and whispered that that was a good way to get sued. So. You shall not hear about that. Yes, it was related to a song, and yes I'll probably post it later.

I also wrote up and then axed a long boring post about seeing Jurassic 5. Short version: if you're ever tempted to see a hip hop concert at the O'Connell Center in Gainesville FL, don't. The acoustics suck; it echoes a lot and you won't be able to make out the words. Through most of the concert I couldn't even tell what track they were on. I managed to recognize two of the tracks--the last one was a Julius Brockington track that Soul Sides posted in March, and it is a great song. But the only reason I recognized it was that all four MCs were shouting out together, "you'd better hold on ... to this ... feelin' ... FREEDOM." When it was just one of them, skip it. What's he saying? Hell if I know. It was somewhat better when there was a long slow melody, but still conditions were decidedly subpar.

So there was yet a third attempted post; this one seemed good to go but my hosting isn't cooperating. If the problem can be sorted out you'll get a tune later today.
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